donderdag 7 juni 2012

I have...

...a twitter.

been avoiding it for a long time. it feels too much like a "look at me" sort of thing. i dont know. it finally came to a point where i wanted to know what some devs and artists and such were up to and i didnt want to check their sites every day. so..twitter.

i think twitter, much like facebook, is a first tentative step toward a technological singularity. i have a very romantic idea about this, and the future/reality of will most likely be fairly grim, but i can hope.

my hope is that a world where a large portion of the population is connect by thought will decrease war and crime. but, as with most thing we invent, some method of profit will be built-in. commercials streamed into our thoughts, viruses, spyware. all that kind of nonsense in our brains.

but i can still hope. and in that romantic vision of the singularity we can communicate directly using thought. and not just text, but feelings, thought processes, all the things that contribute to the creation of an idea, but are lost in translation.

but, most likely, it will be created as a tool for war or used as such. maybe it will spark a leap in human thinking. but it's still a long way off. best guestiments say that it's going to happen sometime in this century. but predictions vary wildly. but combine the singularity with the expected growth in lifespan, you can begin to imagine humans are on the verge of becoming living demigods.

living for possibly hundreds of  years, increased intelligence, better health, more knowlegde. it's possible we are on the verge of a revolution, perhaps even more significant than the renaissance or industrial revolution combined.

regardless if it's for good or bad, i cant wait.

and how the hell did i get from the start of this blog to the ending? 0.o

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