vrijdag 13 juli 2012


...in shape!
a less bulbous, jiggly shape :) that's the plan for the next two months. as a 3d artist and gamer, i do tend to spend a lot of time sitting down. that aint good :)

so im gonna use my vacation to work on myself. im going to try and reach the goal i set for myself. and the goal is to get rid of my mantits.
when i reach that goal, im gonna get a tattoo done.

in the meantime, im going to be working on several projects. one is going to be a revisit of a project i did years ago. a 3d reproduction of the character Fuse from the Jin Roh anime. should be fun :)

next to that, im gonna do a small competition with a friend of mine to create a LoL-like character. and i might do some work for a few mod/game projects. we'll see :)

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