vrijdag 24 juni 2011


...and resulting render.

I just finished my texturing assignment for this block. The model I textured was a model I created for the 3D modelling class we has last block.

The car is a Shelby Mustang GT350 H from 1966. The model itself is pretty low res. It only contains 3900 triangles in all, so that's pretty descent. It has 1 2048 texturemap, with several shaders like bump and specular mapping.

While nothing too exciting, I am pleased with the final result. It looks like I intended, which is always a good thing for an artist. I wanted the car to look as if it were in good condition and had been taken on a road-trip along Route 66.
Sadly, I lacked time to make a Route 66-sign. Still, it looks like a car that's been driving along a desert road :)

Enjoy the render.

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