vrijdag 4 november 2011

no sleep...

...and other funs things my brain does.

when i cant sleep, my brains makes all these weird connections between completely unrelated subjects. it's funny and odd at the same time, because i'm aware of how strange these connections are, whilst they happen. other fun things are of course hallucinations :)

when i'm very sleepy and tired, but for whatever reason i cant sleep, i'll start seeing and hearing things. figures in reflections, sounds from games i play, voices, explosions. whatever my brains feels the need to produce. and again, i'm aware of the fact that i'm hallucinating, which makes it a very interesting situation.
i've never been freaked out by any of these hallucinations, because i know what they are.

the only time i was freaked out by something my brain did, was when i was really sick, a few years ago. i've had a fever for a few days. a high fever. as in, i was on the verge of having to be rushed to hospital. after a few days of this fever, my brain suddenly decided to shut down vision-support temporarily.

in other words, i suddenly went blind. from one second to the next, i couldnt see. the good thing was, it lasted all but 5 seconds, probably a lot less. it still scared the crap out of me though.

right, i'll try and get some sleep now. probably wont work. we'll see.

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