zondag 15 juli 2012

working on...

...Jin Roh project: take 3-ish.

the first project that i'll be doing over the summer, is recreating a character and armor from a really cool anime movie, called Jin Roh.

what i'll be making is the protagonist in his Protect Gear. basically a heavily armored SWAT-like armor, with nightvision and they go around wielding MG-42's. it's a really badass, almost iconic piece of armor. the red eyes have inspired a lot of other, maybe even more well known designs. designs like the Helghast from the Killzone-franchinse.

so far, i've made a sculpt of the head and a low poly retopo of that head. next up is to create the armor/body. it's gonna be fun and a bitch :) 

so here, enjoy screenshots of each stage :)

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