zaterdag 22 juni 2013



Me and Dennis, a guy I've know for years, have begun work on a new project. It's something we have not seen before and are excited to make a reality.
Using stylized 3D realtime version that I will create, we are going to create a show to throw on ze internet.
The animations will be made, mostly, by using a Kinect as a poor man's mocap studio.
While very limited in scope, types of movements and poses and detail, it's a cheap and effective solution.
You can read more about the motion capture and the animation process over on Dennis's portfolio.

The point of this project is to prove that A: it can be done and B: because it'll be fun.
For now, I only have access to a couple early screenshots of me. Or at least the 3D version of "me". Dennis's version is coming along nicely as well.

And now, a few screenshots of "me":
High res sculpt.
As usual, after creating the sculpt I created a low poly model that would deform properly when animated and be usable in a realtime setting, like a game.

Low poly realtime model.
More is soon to follow. Props, clothing, animations, textures...all that good stuff. :)

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